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Communication & Marketing Strategy, Design, Creativity and Web Development by:

Marco Torresi


Communication and marketing strategy, design, products organization, copywriting, creativity, SEO.

Marco Marcoaldi 


Web design, development PHP, JQuery CMS WordPress version of Desktop / Mobile, Systems and Linux hosting, performance optimization, IT Security.

Domain name registered at :



Sede Legale: Via Trieste, 25 – 20097, San Donato Milanese (MI)
Sede Operativa: Via Leopoldo Cicognara, 7 – 20129, Milano

Server Dedicati and hardware for online publication and delivery of Web services in housing at :

Server Dedicati

Calea Timisorii 212 / 2
310227 – ARAD

Technical supervision / monitoring systems engineering and service availability :


Hosting WordPress Managed Server

Calea Timisorii 212 / 2
310227 – ARAD

Notes project


Audaxpro.com is a project dedicated to the use of Open Source technologies and products.

In the realization of the project we would have been used the following technologies strictly Open Source and released under the GPL :

WordPress woocommerce jquery percona_server php-logo

nginx-web-server memcached Redis IO centos-logo varnish-cache


About Open Source



Open source (English word “open source”) indicates a software whose authors (specifically, the rights holders) allow, but rather favor the free study and the modifications made by other independent programmers.

Wikipedia – Open Source

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