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Thank you for choosing an AUDAXPRO product. The warranty on AUDAXPRO products lasts 2 years. For two years following purchase, the customer will be entitled to free repairs on any manufacturing defects of the product itself. The warranty starts from the date of delivery of the product.

The customer can exercise his right to the guarantee by reporting the defect to the company or to the authorized reseller (in case the product was purchased in a shop) with immediate effect.

To exercise his right to the guarantee, the customer must necessarily deliver the product to be repaired, accompanied by a valid purchase document (invoice, receipt or receipt) to the company or authorized reseller (in the event that the product was was purchased at a store).

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the products, scratches, abrasions or damage to the external parts of the product. In particular, it does not cover damage caused by:

1) improper use or storage or inappropriate transportation

2) product drops or impacts

3) repairs or modifications not carried out by C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH

4) storing the product in inappropriate places

Furthermore, the guarantee is not valid if the consumer cannot prove the certain date of purchase and if the purchase tax document is counterfeit or inconsistent with the type of product or the date of purchase of the same.

The liability of C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH is exclusively limited to the repair and/or replacement of the product. C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH cannot be held liable in any way for indirect or consequential damages of any kind caused by product defects.

In repairs, the company normally uses new parts, but reserves the right to repair damaged parts where possible.
Defective parts replaced in the product become the property of C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH.

C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH reserves the right to replace the entire product as an alternative to repair, at its discretion. C&S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH assumes no responsibility for products for which the warranty conditions have not been respected.

The product must be placed in the original box or, in its absence, in suitable packaging that envelops the product with protective and shockproof supports.

Please refer to the SHIPPING AND RETURNS section for more information.

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