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Usually, from receipt of your order, it takes 3/4 working days for the preparation and shipment of the products.

Once the shipment has been made, you will be provided with the tracking number and the link where you can check the shipment.

For the purpose of calculating the delivery date you will also have to consider the time that the courier needs, which can vary depending on many factors, some of which we cannot control.
It is important, when placing the order, to specify a valid e-mail address, as you will be immediately informed of the availability of the requested items and will allow us to inform you about the status of the order and the date of its fulfillment. We also recommend that you always specify at least one telephone number (landline or mobile number) as, if the courier is unable to deliver, he will contact you and agree on a new date according to your needs.


It is very important that you make sure that the goods received are not damaged and that the box or envelope is intact. Do not accept damaged shipments (open or visibly damaged box / envelope). If this happened, you would have implicitly accepted the receipt of an intact shipment. If the shipment is damaged and not accepted, the customer must contact the company and inform them of the situation at this email address


For AUDAXPRO, customer satisfaction is the basis of everything. For any technical or production anomaly (but not for aesthetic reasons), you can return the order within 15 days from the delivery date and receive a refund for the returned products. The customer is informed that before proceeding with the return of the order, it would be advisable to contact the company at this e-mail address to evaluate the problem together, which most of the time can be solved by avoiding the return. .

Returned items must be in perfect condition without showing signs of use and in their original packaging, in a well sealed and protected package. After sending the return request and receiving confirmation of acceptance from Adaxpro, FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS TO COMPLETE YOUR RETURN:

1. Send an email with the reasons for the return (attach pictures if it is a visible defect) and the product serial number to

2. Wait for our return confirmation email (we will evaluate through the assistance if we can intervene or if it is necessary to change the product).

In the event of a technical or production anomaly, the company will book the collection by courier.  

In case of return for aesthetic reasons, the shipping cost is charged to the customer.


The refund of the amount spent will be made within 15 working days of receiving the return confirmation e-mail and depends on the payment method chosen during the purchase:

1) payment with PayPal: the cancellation will be made directly via PayPal 

2) payment by bank transfer: our bank will make the refund to the bank details provided by the customer. The time required to view the refund on your account depends on the bank and the value days of the international transfers.

3) payment by credit card: the refund is credited only to the card used for the purchase. The refund cannot be made on cards other than those used for the purchase.

AUDAXPRO will proceed with the reimbursement of the cost of the goods shipped, only after having received the goods and checked that all the requirements have been met.


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