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For C & D Dive-Sports GmbH, data security is important. We always strive to maintain the quality of our security systems in order to obtain security of our customers’ privacy and confidentiality of financial transactions.

For this purpose, we test our systems periodically through services Penetration Testing and Vulnerability assessment, and we adopt the highest standards in the field of asymmetric encryption public key for the exchange of data between browser and server.

To do this we are equipped and tested SSL encryption Secure Socket Layer certificate issued by the Certification Authority COMODO.
This allows you to view the Green Padlock at the top of the URL bar, which means that the connection is encrypted, and that our identity is verified and accepted by the Certification Authority that issued the SSL certificate.

SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer” is a protocol designed to enable applications to transmit information safely and securely. The applications that use SSL certificates are able to manage the sending and receiving of security keys and encrypt / decrypt the transmitted information using the same keys.

The SSL certificate makes sure the exchange of information between the site and its users. It allows you to establish a relationship of trust with potential customers and ensure their confidentiality of information transfers.

COMODO also offers insurance up to $ 10,000. This means that the user can feel safe to purchase up to $ 10,000, according to information provided by the Certification Authority.

The certificate can be viewed and verified at the following URL https://secure.comodo.com/ttb_searcher/trustlogo?v_querytype=W&v_shortname=CL1&v_search=https://www.audaxpro.com/&x=6&y=5 as well as in the following image:


In order to ascertain the most successful implementation of the certificate, we have verified the goodness of ciphers in use and configuration of the web server via an analysis by QUALYS, repeatable at this URL: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze .html? d = audaxpro.com , of which we give comfort to the brilliant results achieved (A +) in the image below:


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