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Imperceptible equipment

STEALTH is a DIR BCD designed to optimise functionality using only components with a surplus value. STEALTH is a hydrodynamic DIR that, thanks to its totally adjustable harness, adapts perfectly to your body allowing you to keep a stable asset and a correct posture. Moreover, STEALTH is not too big. When it is not inflated in particular, the bladder of this jacket remains adherent and compact to the tank, making you more agile.

  • MATERIALRequired

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    COLOUR (Night + Cordura Colour)Required

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    PLATES ( STEALTH 18 lt)Required

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    PLATES (STEALTH 20 lt)Required

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    PLATES (16 lt)Required

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    TANK BANDS (STEALTH 18 lt)Required

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    TANK BANDS (STEALTH 16 lt)Required

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Perfect Balance

DRAX is provided of the EASY BALANCE SYSTEM and the ANTI-OVERTURNING SYSTEM to find easily the perfect posture in all conditions.

A completely modular DIR BCD 

This jacket is provided with an AUDAXPRO Technical Modular System (T.M.S.), which allows changing the BCD standard configuration according to your needs. Thanks to the Audaxpro T.M.S. you can shape, configure and integrate your BCD as you like. You can, for example:

Adapt your jacket to your physical shape

Adapt it according to the type of immersion

Change its components with any other Audaxpro BCD ones

Upgrade your equipment with a wide series of accessories

Adjustable, stable and functional DIR harness

The STEALTH BCD has been designed following the standard configurations of a DIR jacket.  Its harness is essential, functional and perfectly adherent to your body. This allows maintaining a great stability, keeping a correct posture, reducing your fatigue while swimming and facilitating your movements. With this scuba BC, you will get a reduced gas consumption and a pleasant immersion.

More info

The DIR STARK harness consists of a plate and a HT polyester strap system. The plate is very comfortable thanks to an anatomical padding plate (fixed with 8 stainless steel screws), which has an inner pocket to keep the lift bag or the signal tube. You can adjust both the higher part of the harness and the ventral belt passing the straps through the plate cuts. The higher part of the strap passing through the plate cuts at shoulders level is reinforced through a HT polyamide strip. At the strap centre of this diving BC there is a stainless steel grommet that serves both as a barycentre and for fixing the harness to the bladder. Every suspender has 1 50-mm stainless steel D-ring (which is adjustable, as it is not sewn) and 2 25-mm elastic bands to fix the accessories.  A stainless steel weight fixing blocks the rings and a 60-mm OR, on the left shoulder, is used as an inflator holder. This diving jacket ventral belt has a 50-mm stainless steel D-ring on its left part, with which you can hook the decompression tank. A stainless steel weight fixing secures the crotch belt of the jacket in the lower horizontal cut of the plate. To prevent the 2 stainless steel weight fixings and the plate from touching, there are also 2 nylon weight fixings. The crotch belt has 2 50-mm stainless steel D-rings. The ring placed in the anterior part is used to hook the scuba jacket to the scooter, while the back ring is to fix some accessories.

A different version for every different need

Audaxpro BCs have been designed to ensure the best performances in every kind of diving immersion. For this reason, STEALTH jacket is available in different versions, one for every different need. This is only possible because the BCD Audaxpro are built by combining high technology and skilled Italian craftsmanship.

Choose the most suitable textile for your immersions

  • Standard model made of highly resistant textile (cordura)
  • Suitable for technical scuba immersions but also for recreational diving
  • 8 different colours
  • BCD with reflective textile (scotchlite)
  • Suitable for night immersions or diving with low visibility; ideal BCD for scuba guides
  • 8 different colours
  • Made of an anti-cut and fire-resistant textile (kevlar)
  • Perfect for scuba immersions in caves or inside wrecks because of its extraordinary resistance
  • 1 available colour

Choose your favorite color for your DIR BCD

The DIR buoyancy compensator ICE is available in 8 different colors (except Kevlar model). You can choose between black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia and camouflage

Choose your BCD with the suitable buoyancy force

AAudaxpro has designed different buoyancy thrusts for your STEALTH DIR BCD, which gives you the possibility to choose the most suitable one for your scuba immersions. You can opt for a 16-liter version to be used only with a mono-tank configuration, for an 18-liter version, which can be used with mono as well as bi-tank configuration, or for a 20-liter version, which can exclusively be used with a bi-tank. All models are equipped with 1 overpressure and rapid-discharge valve placed in the front part of the bladder (left, downwards) to facilitate the access.

More info

The outer bladder of this scuba DIR BCD is made of cordura 1000, while the inner bladder is of TEXTANE A/B 210 nylon. If necessary, you can replace the scuba BC inner bladder thanks to a zip placed on its higher part. Under the zip, there is a polyester strip to protect the inner bladder. Moreover, this diving jacket has a HT polyester strip vertically placed. There you can also find 3 stainless steel grommets, 2 in the higher and 1 in the lower part.


Buoyancy thrusts: 16, 18, 20 lt

Tank maximum capacity 16 lt: 15 mono (not usable with bi-tank)

Tank maximum capacity 18 lt: 15 mono or 12+12 bi-tank

Tank maximum capacity 20 lt: 12+12 bi-tank (not usable with mono-tank)

Overpressure and rapid-discharge valves: 1

Balance the BCD weight according to your equipment

Thanks to the Audaxpro technical modular system, you can set the weight of your scuba BCD according to the different equipment you may choose for every immersion. The DIR STEALTH BC can be bought or used with plates (Plate versions) as well as without back plates (Half-Plate version). In both cases, this scuba jacket is equipped with an anatomical plate padding with inner pocket to keep the lift bag or the signal tube, which ensures you the best comfort. In the Plate version, you can opt for a stainless steel plate and back plate to increase the jacket weight, or for a plate and back plate made of anodized aluminium to diminish it. Moreover, in the Plate version, you can choose between 2 different big strips, one for mono-tank (110 cm) and the other one for bi-tank (150 cm) On the big strips there are 2 non-slip rubber grips for the tank.

More info

The 16-liter STEALTH jacket is only available in the Plate version. The 18-liter STEALTH is available in the Plate version as well as in the Half-Plate one, while the 20-liter BC STEALTH is only available in the Half-Plate version. In the Half-Plate version, the back plate and the big back strips are not included in the standard equipment. This configuration is suitable for bi-tank equipment immersions. Remember that thanks to the Audaxpro T.M.S., all the accessories (plates included) of a jacket are interchangeable with those of any another Audaxpro scuba BCD, also from the DIR collection.

Plate Steel

Stainless Steel

Plate 2,160 Kg

Back Plate 690 gr

Plate Alu

Anodized Aluminium

Plate 730 gr

Back Plate 230 gr

Half Plate

Without Back Plate

Stainless Steel Plate 2,160 kg
Anodized Aluminium Plate 730 gr

Use the inflator in complete comfort 

The STEALTH BCD follows the DIR philosophy, i.e. it aims at optimising the functionality and at facilitating the use. For this reason, the STEALTH 18 and 20-liter inflator connection is placed centrally in the higher part of the bladder with a tube inclination towards left, to save space. In the 16-lter STEALTH, the connection is slightly moved to the left, but it does not cause noticeable changes. An OR, that you can place in the left harness suspender, supports the corrugated. This inflator specific position allows its immediate localization and facilitates its use. The inflator included in the standard equipment of this scuba BCD is with simple curve connection and 16’’ spiral corrugated (40 cm). It has a piston control, a nickel-plated brass inner mechanism and derlin non-slip buttons.

Simple curve connection
and 16″ spiral tube

Upgrade your DIR BCD equipment

Audaxpro gives you the chance to upgrade your DIR BCD equipment and your standard configuration with a wide range of useful accessories for different types of diving. Take a look at the DIR or classic accessories line.


Immersion Type

  • Technical

BCD Style

  • DIR

T.M.S. (Technical Modular System)

  • Adjustable BCD according to the type of immersion
  • Adjustable harness according to your physical shape
  • Compatible components with those of any other Audaxpro jacket
  • Possibility of equipment upgrading with extra accessories

Available Versions

  • STEALTH (standard model):
    – Outer bladder made of Cordura
    – 8 colours (black, red, yellow, blue, white, orange, fuchsia and camouflage)
    – black harness
    – outer bladder made of reflective textiles like Scotchlite, Cordura and nylon protective net
    – 8 colours (black/night, red/night, yellow/night, blue/night, white/night, orange/night, fuchsia/night and camouflage/night)
    -black harness
    – outer bladder made of anti-cut and fire-resistant textile Kevlar
    – one available colour: black
    – black harness

Buoyancy Thrusts

    – 16 lt
    – 18 lt
    – 20 lt

Tank Maximum Capacity


  • HT polyester straps
  • Harness fixed to the plates
  • Adjustable ventral belt
  • Stainless steel ventral belt buckle
  • Adjustable crotch belt
  • 4 elastic bands for fixing accessories
  • Hooking supports for decompression tanks
  • Fixing support for inflator
  • Boat anchoring support
  • 5 stainless steel D-rings
  • 8 stainless steel fixing screws
  • 6 stainless steel grommets
  • Plate padding with anatomical padding and inner pocket (to keep the lift bag or the signal tube)
  • 2 big back strips to hold the tank with rubber grip (only for PLATE version), two options
    – mono (110 cm)
    – bi-tank (150 cm)

Air Bladder

  • 1 overpressure and rapid-discharge valve
  • Outer bladder made of cordura 1000
    Textane A/B 210 outer bladder
  • Replaceable inner bladder (if necessary) with concealable zip
  • Polyester protection for the inner bladder
  • HT polyester strip with 2 stainless steel grommets


  • Simple curve connection
  • Spiral corrugated tube 16’’
  • 40-cm long
  • Piston control
  • Nickel-plated brass inner mechanism
  • Non-slip inflation and deflation buttons of derlin
  • Cordura inflator protector


  • Optional


  • STEALTH can only be used with plates (harness attached to them)
  • STEALTH 16 litres is available in the following versions:
    – PLATE (jacket sold with plates and big back strips)
  • STEALTH 18 litres is available in the following versions:
    – PLATE (jacket sold with plates and big back strips)
    – HALF-PLATE (jacket sold without back plate and big back strips)
  • STEALTH 20 litres is available in the following versions:
    – HALF-PLATE (jacket sold without back plate and big back strips)
  • In PLATE version you can choose between:
    – Stainless steel plate (2,160 kg) and back plate (690 gr)
    – anodized aluminium plate (730 gr) and back plate (230 gr)
  • In HALF-PLATE version you can choose between:
    – Stainless steel plate (2,160 kg)
    – anodized aluminium plate (730 gr)


    – 16 lt – 5,1 kg
    – 18 lt – 5,3 kg
    – 16 lt – 3,1 kg
    – 18 lt – 3,3 kg
    – 18 lt – 4,0 kg
    – 20 lt – 4,2 kg
    – 18 lt – 3,7 kg
    – 20 lt – 3,9 kg


  • One size
  • Tailored

Standard Equipment

  • Nylon 210 bag for transport
  • Instruction manual


  • 2 years


certificazione CE e GS

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