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Air bladder for BCD, 20 or 27 liters, design “TYPE ONE”


2 BCD Air Bladder in One

TYPE ONE is the most versatile BCD Air Bladder not only in the Audaxpro production, but probably in the whole world. If you have a TYPE ONE, you have 2 in air bladder in 1. With few easy movements, you can turn a latex ring BCD Air Bladder into a DIR BCD Air Bladder!

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Turn your BCD bladder into a DIR style BCD bladder

TYPE ONE is a very versatile BCD Air Bladder. With one TYPE ONE you won’t need different specific BC for every kind of immersion. This great air bladder allows you facing several types of diving. In fact, Audaxpro has designed it to be used with or without the latex bands. You only have to untie the knot and take the latex bands out of the loops to get a DIR bladder for your BCD!

Choose your BCD Air Bladder with the suitable buoyancy force

Audaxpro has designed the TYPE ONE scuba BCD Air Bladder with 2 intermediate buoyancy thrusts to let you choose the most suitable one for your immersions. You can opt for a version of 20 or one of 27 litres. Both are equipped with 2 overpressure, rapid-discharge valves placed in the back, one in the higher, one in the lower part to facilitate the access to it.
The outer bladder of this scuba BCD is made of HT polyamide while the inner bladder is of TEXTANE A/B 210 nylon. If necessary, you can replace the jacket inner bladder thanks to a zip placed in the higher part of the bladder. The zip is protected by a strip, thus the zip slider can be concealed. Under the zip, there is a protection strip for the inner bladder. In the central part of the diving BC bladder, there are 4 cuts to lighten the jacket (removing the plates), 12 stainless steel grommets (to tighten the latex rings) and a HT polyester strip, vertically placed at the bladder centre. Right at the centre of the bladder, this scuba jacket presents also 3 stainless steel grommets, 2 in the higher and 1 in the lower part of the bladder. The big strips on the bladder sides have 4 slots along the zip and 8 loops (per side) to pass and tighten the latex rings.


Buoyancy thrusts: 20 or 27 lt

Tank maximum capacity 20 lt: 15 mono-tank or 12+12 bi-tank

Tank maximum capacity 27 lt: 18 mono-tank or 15+15 bi-tank

Overpressure and rapid-discharge valves: 1

Choose the most suitable textile for your BC Air Bladder

  • Standard model made of highly resistant textile (cordura)
  • Suitable for technical scuba immersions but also for recreational diving
  • 8 different colours
  • Made of an anti-cut and fire-resistant textile (kevlar)
  • Perfect for scuba immersions in caves or inside wrecks because of its extraordinary resistance
  • 1 available colour

Choose your favorite color for your BCD Air Bladder

The BCD Air Bladder TYPE ONE is available in 8 different colors (except Kevlar model). You can choose between black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia and camouflage

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