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DIR BCD Air Bladder, 20 – 27 liters, design “ICE”


Replacement cordura DIR BCD Air Bladder, 15 or 20 liters, various colors

  • COLOUR Required

    • Black 0 €
    • White 0 €
    • Yellow 0 €
    • Blue 0 €
    • Orange 0 €
    • Red 0 €
    • Fuchsia 0 €
    • Camouflage 0 €


    • 20 lt 0 €
    • 27 lt (usable only with double tanks) 0 €
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 Choose your DIR BCD Air Bladder with the suitable buoyancy force

There are two buoyancy thrusts available for your DIR Air Bladder “ICE”: 20 or 27 litres. For both versions, there is only one overpressure and rapid-discharge valve available, which is placed on the bladder lower front part on the left for a more comfortable access.
The external bladder of this DIR air bladder for BCD is made of cordura 1000, while the inner bladder is made of TEXTANE A/B 210 nylon. If necessary, you can replace the inner bladder through a zip placed on its higher part. Under the zip, there is a polyester strip to protect the inner bladder. Moreover, there is a HT polyester strip placed vertically at the bladder centre. 3 stainless steel grommets (2 in the higher, 1 in the lower part) are fixed at the bladder centre.


Buoyancy thrusts: 20 or 27 lt

Tank maximum capacity 20 lt: 15 mono and 12+12 bi-tank

Tank maximum capacity 27 lt: 15+15 bi-tank (usable only with bi-tank)

Overpressure and rapid-discharge valves: 1

ICE da 27

Choose your favorite color for your DIR BCD Air Bladder

The DIR buoyancy compensator ICE is available in 8 different colors (except Kevlar model). You can choose between black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia and camouflage

icona colori 2

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